Hugo Race & The True Spirit - The Spirit

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Hugo Race & The True Spirit - The Spirit

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The brand new album from Hugo Race & The True Spirit on Glitterhouse Records...

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The brand new album by Hugo Race and the True Spirit! 

The Spirit – the new album by Hugo Race & The True Spirit


Press quotes July 2015



Q, London:

'A darkly singular experience then, and one of the best records he's ever made...'


Vive Le Rock, UK:

'Deep bass grooves, pivotal New Orleans-style drumming, hot post-punk soul, a hoodoo voodoo gumbo like prime Dr John...' – 8/10


Louder Than War, UK:

‘Race has a captivating low growl of a voice, instantly bringing to mind Leonard Cohen, but ‘The Spirit’ also glows with the noir atmospherics of Rowland S Howard and the coiled funk of Issac Hayes. The seductive

mood suffuses the entire, thoroughly enjoyable album.’


Distorsioni – Italy:

‘Warm and evocative, a voice that speaks of real life, passions, solitude, voyage, and the spirit of revolt.’


Libero, Italia:

‘Hugo Race is a great institution in the field of independent rock music, and every new album is always well received. The destabilizing rock of HR&TS is never banal. In fact, it's this album's total absence of banality that renders it unique, and the clear simplicity of the songs even more disturbing...'


Rockerilla, Italy:

‘The Spirit is firstly a statement of intention, the shared image of a vision, the precise testimony of a state of the soul... Once you're immersed in the sound amidst the background of constant cicadas, there unfolds a slow, dense groove of subtle sensuality... A work of real substance, indifferent to fashion, intense like few others...'


Blow Up, Italy:

'Hugo Race returns after his ongoing journey through the rediscovery of pure folk with Fatalists and his African travels with BKO (Dirtmusic). This record (The Spirit), however, seems the natural guise for his big voice, and the encounter between moody roots inspirations and wild electronic flashes renders the musical backgrounds unique...'


Eclipsed, Germany

'Stomping grooves and eerie guitars, this album tingles under your skin...', Denmark

‘Hugo Race's new album sounds like the soundtrack to a movie I would really like to see. I imagine a mixture of Twin Peaks and True Blood... dramatic, intense, cinematic.'


Rolling Stone Germany

'Dark Eros and transcendental blues…'

'Hugo Race and The True Spirit live in their own world of sound - blues, voodoo, dub, trip hop, Morricone soundscapes, psychedelia, industrial mysticism.....', Poland

'Race does not forget about the delicious melodies. Even a recording as non-commercial as "The Spirit" proves that Race can create great songs. Noncommercial and great songs? A paradox? Only apparently. Listen to "The Spirit," and you will not want to get out of the swamp vapors...'


Damusic,be, Belgium:

'Race allows the most diverse, musical influences (psychedelics, raw blues, gentle soul and electronics) in his own work, making for a private, definite, specific sound that emerges strongly, determined by energetic rhythms, sonic sound structures, and seasoned with Race's deep dark lyricism.'


Focus Kultur, Germany:

'No one else makes music quite like this, and that in itself is an achievement...


Hugo Race & the True Spirit - The Spirit – Classic Rock Magazine - Germany

The mood of the 10 dark songs is reminiscent of the last part of the classic film"Apocalypse Now", when the patrol boat reached the abandoned temple complex, where dwells the crazy Colonel Kurtz. He would certainly have liked this music. - 08/10