Hugo Race, internationally based producer, performer and writer, delivers intense sonic soundscapes that merge folk, experimentalism, electronica and rock. Originally from the 1980's Melbourne post-punk music scene (The Wreckery, The Bad Seeds) Hugo’s collaborations and bands are spread over several continents. Hugo’s new book Road Series, a kind of memoir, describes his musical journey over three decades.


‘John Lee Hooker’s World Today’ is Hugo’s latest album (in duo with Michelangelo Russo from the True Spirit), a dark-blues-ambient-techno tribute to the great bluesman on his 100th anniversary

Release date May 19th, 2017, on Glitterhouse Records, Gusstaff Records and MGM Australia. Digital links:

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The True Spirit - since 1989, 14 albums of ‘trance industrial blues’; the new album ’The Spirit’ on Glitterhouse Records (2015) is the band’s most successful release to date. The Spirit was followed in 2016 by the 10” EP ‘False Idols”, also on Glitterhouse.

Hugo Race Fatalistsa collaboration with Italian soundscape band Sacri Cuori, their new album ’24 Hours to Nowhere’ released to global acclaim on Glitterhouse in 2016. A new Fatalists album is currently in production for release in 2019.

Dirtmusic, with American songwriter and producer Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts). Their third and fourth albums Troubles / Lion City, recorded in Mali in 2012, released on Glitterbeat Records (Germany), March 26, 2014.

Dirtmusic return for their fifth album, a full-scale collaboration with Turkish-psych visionary Murat Ertel from Baba Zula. Recorded in Istanbul, the album navigates hypnotic rhythms, cinematic atmospheres and dark political realities.

Originally a straight-talking, mainly acoustic trio mining blues and country for 21st century gold, Dirtmusic’s first happy accident was to stumble upon Tamikrest at the fabled Festival au Désert in Timbuktu in 2008. A musical love story began, running through that joyous first collaboration with Tamikrest in BKO (2010), followed by Troubles (2013) and Lion City (2014), which expanded the roster to include Ben Zabo, Samba Touré and a host of other superb Malian musicians. In the meantime, however, the Islamist takeover of Northern Mali in 2012 had darkened the sound and the songwriting, giving them a tone that continues to resonate through the new record.

New album Bu Bir Ruya is a questing, restless record for the head, but perhaps more so for the body. It broods throughout, as post-punk, Turkish psych, funk, rock and electronics stalk the grooves with widescreen intent. Release date: January 26, 2018, on Glitterbeat Records.

Long Distance Operators (LDO) a collaboration with Belgian artist Catherine Graindorge, the album was released by Belgian electronic avant-garde label Sub Rosa in March, 2017