Hugo Race Fatalists - new album Takenbythedream on Glitterhouse Records…


Very excited to announce the upcoming release of Gemini 4.... Hugo, Michelangelo Russo, Julitha Ryan and the legendary Idge spent a year or two creating these 78 minutes of electronic shapeshifting. It started as an experiment with we four freestyling in the low tech glamor of Soundpark studio, no rules, no speaking, no plan. Gemini telepathy wrought wild. Total delirium. It became a strange and beautiful thing, the soundtrack to a film Kubrick never made. Guided by Neptune retrograde. What's it about? Julitha describes it as "music to live by." All 8 of us agree. Body-soul-mind music. Gemini 4...
Release date 25 January 2019 on Gusstaff Records, or you can pre-order the digital album with an exclusive advance track at this link:

MGM digital worldwide all platforms:

Bandcamp CD/digital:



The new video for GEMINI 4 - UNICORN!!!