H U G O   R A C E  

Hugo Race - musician, performer, writer and producer. Since 1988, Hugo has lived in Italy, Germany and Australia touring internationally. Originally from the 1980's Melbourne post-punk music scene, Hugo’s various collaborations and bands, spread over several continents, include:

Hugo Race Fatalistsa collaboration with Italian soundscape band Sacri Cuori, their new 5 track EP (release date March 7, 2014) only available from this site. 

Dirtmusic, with American songwriter and producer Chris Eckman. Their fourth album Lion City, recorded in Mali in 2012, set for release on Glitterbeat, March 26, 2014. 

Sepiatone with Italian singer songwriter Marta Collica, their third album Echoes On released by Interbang Records (Italy) in November 2013.

No But Its True, an acoustic album of cover versions produced by Cesare Basile.

Long Distance Operators (LDO), a new project with Belgian artist Catherine Graindorge, to be premiered at the Botanique, Brussels, May 16th 2014

The True Spirit - since 1989, 14 albums of trance industrial blues, the last release recorded in a maximum security penitentiary in Poland, Live in Wolow Jail 2009.

Other collaborations include Malian desert blues legend Samba Toure’s album Albala,  the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project, Transfargo with Dimitri de Perrot. the French-American band Lilium, the Brazilian Moses Complex, the Berlin-based Rogall’s Electric Circus Sideshow, SWOS....

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Hugo Race - Europe 2014 Tour Dates

20.03     Firenze - Teatro Alfieri

21.03      La Spezia - Btomic

22.03     Montichiari - BRain Club

23.03     Pavia  -  Trapani

24.03     Milano  - 75 Beat

29.03     Zurich - El Lokal

03.04     Venezia - CCC    (with Sepiatone)

04.04     Brescia  -  Lio     (with Sepiatone)

05.04     Varese  -  Sur Le Sofa     (with Sepiatone)

08.04     Rimini  -  Neon

09.04     Rome  -  Init    (with Sepiatone)

10.04      Bologna  -  Freakout   (with Sepiatone)

11.04       Ancona  -  Loop   (with Sepiatone)

12.04      Offida (AP)  -  Vinea   (with Sepiatone)

15.04      Prague  -  Jazzdock    (with Sepiatone)

16.04      Berlin  -  Schokoladen    (with Sepiatone)

19.04      Livorno  -  Teatro Aurora

20.04     Prato  -  Nuovo Camarillo

21.04      Barletta  -  Le Ture

22.04     Bari  -  Taverna delle Maltese

10.05      Mons (B)  -  TBC

16.05      Brussels (B)  -  Les Nuits de la Botanique (with LDO)