02.11.18        DE – Geislingen – Rätsche
03.11.18         DE – Reutlingen – Franz.K
05.11.18        CH – Zürich – El Lokal
06.11.18        DE – Frankfurt – Brotfabrik
07.11.18         DE – Hamburg – Nachtasyl
08.11.18        DK – Copenhagen – Alice
09.11.18        GR – Athens – Temple
11.11.18          DE – Berlin – Quasimodo


"The new work of Dirtmusic exceeds the perfection of their previous records...melts visceral rock, post-punk, funk, world music, electronics and liquid psychedelia into one of the works that will mark the beginning of 2018...they have recorded the best record of their career and one of the most interesting releases of the Glitterbeat catalog." -

!! "A serious musical visionary start to the year !! Monolith Cocktail UK

Release date: January 26th / Pre-order:




Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo Live at Blues Alive, Czech Republic 2017


Hugo Race & Michelangelo Russo - The World Today (2017)

Hugo Race's Long Distance Operators collaboration available from our online store or from 







From Australia's Qantas Inflight Magazine:

"An Australian music legend, thanks to stints with seminal bands such as the Bad Seeds, Hugo Race has now brewed this memoir. Ricocheting like a pinball from the 1980's Melbourne punk scene to Berlin, Brazil, Mali and beyond, this series of snapshots is frequently filtered through a narcotic lens but is nonetheless seductive reading. With an unavoidable nod to Kerouac, it's an on-the-road diary, the observations and experiences nostalgia-free and often brutally honest. There's no rockstar narcissism here; just a fascinating insight into the restless need to keep moving, to maintain the creative mojo and to be on the frontier rather than on the couch." 

ROAD SERIES is available now from our Online Store