Hugo Race & The True Spirit - Live in Brussels 1992

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Hugo Race & The True Spirit - Live in Brussels 1992


NEW BOOTLEG!!! Incredible sounding live recording from the True Spirit's 1992 'Second Revelator Tour featuring the band's definitive line-up from that era - John Molineux, Ralf Goldkind, Chris Hughes, Bryan Colechin. Recorded by the Spirit's mixer Michael Ford, the sound is incredibly powerful and clear, making this a must-have document for any fan of the True Spirit.

Limited edition, 1000 copies, released by Gusstaff Records, Poland, 2015.

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1    PAPA DOC/CERTIFIED FOOL            5:32    

2    THRESHOLD                        5:41    

3    BOOGIE CHILLEN                    5:32    

4    ICY ROADS                        4:49    

5    J-WRAY DAY                    5:41    

6    IT'S ALRIGHT, MA (I'M ONLY BLEEDING)         6:41    

7    SIGNIFYING                        3:46    

8    STRANGE BREAKS                    3:46    

9    RIVER OF NO RETURN                3:38    

10    ALWAYS WILL BE GOD                6:06    



Bryan Colechin – Bass, Vocals

Chris Hughes – Drums

Hugo Race – Vocals, Guitars

John Molyneux – Electric Harmonica

Ralf Goldkind – Trombone, Keys, Guitar


Live sound and recording by Michael Ford

At the VUB, Brussels, 1992. Remastered at Helixed, 2015

Sleeve photography by Dirk Schuld and Monica Rubini


Dedicated to the Silver Fox