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Dirtmusic Live at Colours of Ostrava 2018! Wild - magical - mysterious - loud - AND unique - some kind of wonderful occurs on stage with the Dirtmusic.  A force field of super power! TRUE! 

Dirtmusic are: Hugo Race, Chris Eckman, Murat Ertel, Milan Cimfe

This album captures Dirtmusic’s live wall of sound - live mix by Tassos Botsios, album mix by Milan Cimfe who also mastered the disc at Sono Studios, Czech Republic. Limited edition of 300 copies!!!

1 Bi De sen Soyle

2 Safety in Numbers

3 Black Gravity

4 The Border Crossing

5 Fitzcarraldo

6 Love is a Foreign Country

7 Go The Distance

8 Bu Bir Ruya

9 Outrage

10 Troubles