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Release Date: 11/23/2007 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 676

DIRT MUSIC is Chris Eckman, Hugo Race and Chris Brokaw.

Digging back to their roots in search of the raw urban folkblues, Eckman, Race and Brokaw converge paths in the European spring for full immersion in the journey of a brand new collaborative project: DIRT MUSIC

Three multi-instrumental artists from diverse backgrounds - three voices discovering a mutual language in the legacy of the frontier. Six strings, some keys, "found" percussion, steel bottleneck, roots feels, acoustic storytelling illuminated by an electronic vein. Dreams and memories carved from hard bedrock reality: DIRT MUSIC - a road movie in evolution... 

In this exclusive Eckman, Race and Brokaw perform new material written for the occasion and evolved on the road - for the release of their a debut album that appears to be folkcountryblues tempered by twenty-first century experience. 

Chris Eckman leads the acclaimed American band, The Walkabouts. His collaborations include Chris & Carla, The Strange, Host, Midnight Choir, Tosca, and Willard Grant Conspiracy.

Hugo Race is leader of True Spirit. Collaborations include Sepiatone, The Bad Seeds, Rogall's Electric Circus, Transfargo, Songs With Other Strangers, The Merola Matrix. 

Chris Brokaw's bands include Come, Codeine, The New Year and more. Collaborations include Evan Dando, The Willard Grant Conspiracy, Thalia Zedek, Steve Wynn and Karate.