TRUE SPIRIT @ the RETREAT Sunday JUNE 29 support MARK SNARSKI, early...

Hugo Race and The True Spirit - a loose, freewheeling fraternity of like-minded free spirits who share a love of psychedelic rock and roots music, guaranteed you’re in for one hell of a show!

Onstage together for over twenty years, their irreverent experimentalism originated in Melbourne in the late eighties, but soon moved base to Berlin where they spectacularly released the first True Spirit album “Rue Morgue Blues” as the Wall fell ....... and so began two decades that saw the band based in Europe.

“Urban dreamscapes… elegant trip-hop… ambient noise psychedelia… raw cosmic blues… live garage rock… cinematic melancholia, new wave nostalgia, essential song writing, post-rock minimalism…” – all these descriptions have been applied to The True Spirit as their electric sound actively courses through the spine and shakes the foundations of rock and roll and roadhouse blues.

Get set to be challenged by Hugo Race and the True Spirit as they raucously explore their undefined psychedelic realms when they play alongside Mark Snarski this month.

True Spirit clandestine video from the Post Office Hotel 2014: