Hugo Race - Australian Tour 2016

Hugo Race will be touring Australia to promote the new Hugo Race Fatalists album 24 Hours to Nowhere, released on Glitterhouse Records through MGM. Recorded in Italy with Sacri Cuori, Italy's masters of the soundscape and musical maestros in their own right (their latest album, Delone, is a masterpiece), 24 Hours to Nowhere is a lushly orchestrated collection of noir (and otherwise) songs in the tradition of 1970s songwriters like Tim Hardin (whose It'll Never Happen Again appears on this album). The title track is a duet with Angie Hart (Frente), and the album also features guest musicians Michelangelo Russo and Julitha Ryan, who will accompany Hugo on the Victorian and NSW dates of this tour. The album is now available here at our online store.....



Announcing the release of the new Hugo Race Fatalists album 24 HOURS TO NOWHERE on Glitterhouse Records!

Hugo and Italian instrumental band Sacri Cuori aka FATALISTS will perform selected Italian dates this summer:

June 25 - Hugo Race - solo - at Cafe Rimbaud, Magione (Perugia) 

June 29 - Fatalists - Pescara - La Lampara

July 13 - Fatalists - San Salvi - Firenze

July 14 - Fatalists - Santarcangelo - Piazza delle Monache (Strade Blu)

July 15 - Hugo Race + Guests - Manduria - Decibel

July 16 - tbc

New album out now on Glitterhouse Records... 

New album out now on Glitterhouse Records...